Our Goal:

To offer a broad range of consulting services on diverse projects in both the public and private sectors. 

We specialize in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, soils and construction materials testing, and inspection services.

Office Locations

780 North 4th Street

El Centro, CA 92243


77-948 Wildcat Drive

Palm Desert, CA 92211


Engineers and Staff

Brief outlines of the qualifications of our key professional and technical staff follow.

Jeffrey O. Lyon, PE Princial Engineer and CEO LandMark Consultants, Inc.

Jeffrey O. Lyon

Mr. Jeffrey O. Lyon, PE 
Principal Engineer/CEO
El Centro, CA 

 Mr. Lyon is the founder and President of LandMark Consultants, Inc. and is responsible for general management and technical oversight of its offices. He has over thirty (30) years experience in ownership and operation of professional engineering firms including up to four (4) branch offices in southern California and Arizona. In addition to practicing geotechnical engineering, Mr. Lyon is experienced in agricultural, structural and general civil engineering, making him sensitive to the needs of the design and construction team. Mr. Lyon is a registered professional engineer licensed to practice in California and Arizona. Mr. Lyon's experience includes power plants, electrical substations, transmission lines, hydro-electric plants, concrete structures evaluations, geothermal field ground movement studies, deep foundation systems, ground improvement methods, mining facilities, schools and hospitals, and all varieties of public works projects. 

Steven Williams Senior Engineering Geologist for LandMark Consultants Inc.

Steven K. Williams

Mr. Steven K. Williams, PG, CEG 
Senior Engineering Geologist
El Centro, CA 

Mr. Williams is an engineering geologist with over eighteen (18) years experience in engineering geology, geotechnical and environmental site assessment projects in southwestern Arizona and southern California. In addition, his experience includes two years in the mining industry in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. He has served as a project geologist on transmission lines, substations, bridges, pipelines, canals, reservoirs, residential subdivisions, schools, power plants, public works facilities, and water and wastewater treatment facilities. Mr. Williams is a Registered/Professional Geologist in the states of Arizona and California and a Certified Engineering Geologist in California.

Julian Avalos Senior Engineer for LandMark Consultants Inc.

Julian Avalos

Mr. Julian Avalos, PE
Senior Engineer
El Centro, CA

Mr. Avalos has fifteen (15) years of experience in the geotechnical field, having performed geotechnical investigations throughout Mexico, Mexico City, and in the Mexicali and Imperial Valleys. His field experience includes logging of soil borings and exploratory trenches, collection and documentation of soil samples, collection of field geotechnical data, and soils testing. Mr. Avalos is also responsible for preparing computer-generated slope stability analysis, liquefaction analysis, and subsequent writing of geotechnical reports for 110 electrical facilities (substations and transmission lines) and a variety of power generation and public works infrastructure projects. Mr. Avalos has also provided construction management for soil cement channel and Cal trans highway improvements. 

No image for Greg Chandra

Greg M. Chandra

Mr. Greg M. Chandra, PE
Branch Manager/Principal Engineer 
Palm Desert, CA  

Mr. Chandra has over thirty (30) years of experience supervising geotechnical, construction, and materials testing and inspection projects from initiation to completion. His experience consists of a wide range of projects for both private developers and government agencies, in both the United States and Asia. Such projects have included: concrete lining of the Coachella Canal, commercial buildings and industrial complexes, recreational facilities, sewage treatment facilities, school and university facilities, airports, power plants, street and highway improvements with construction costs well over $2 billion. Mr. Chandra has also supervised public works projects including assessment districts, flood control and sewage treatment plants.


LandMark Consultants, Inc. carries all insurances required by law, as well as Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance. Our insurance policy limits are $2,000,000 for general liability and automobile insurance, and $1,000,000 for professional liability insurance. Our insurance carriers have ratings of "A" or better in the latest Best's Key Rating Guide and are Class V or better in financial size. Our firm also carries worker's compensation insurance through the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

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